Unleash the Power of Liquid Biopsy

Analysis of circulating free DNA (cfDNA) at a 1% variant allele fraction using the GeneReader™ NGS System

Learn how Qiagen assess the ability of their GeneReader NGS System to detect variants at a 1% allelic frequency using Horizon cfDNA reference standards


Qiagen's GeneRead™ QIAact Actionable Insights Tumor Panel was designed specifically to enrich for the most relevant genes and variants, aimed at delivering actionable insights for cancer research.

The panel focuses on common cancer types that can benefit the most from genetic analysis: breast, ovarian, colorectal, lung cancers and melanoma.

Previously Qiagen have shown that the panel, in combination with the GeneReader NGS System workflow, demonstrates consistently high performance with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) sample material.

Here they present evidence that the same panel can also reliably detect variants from liquid biopsy samples containing tumor DNA fragments, at a 1% variant allele fraction threshold.

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