Plasmid Request Form

In our recent paper (Cross et al. Scientific Repeats 2016), we discovered that a simple adaptation to the tracrRNA sequence can substantially improve the overall rate and kinetics of gene knockout. This modification is expected to increase the stability of the sgRNA-Cas9-DNA complex, and has broad applications for CRISPR function across many applications.

How to get your Plasmid

To request an aliquot of Horizon’s adapted plasmid, as used in our recent publication, please complete the adjacent form.

The plasmid will be the cloning backbone (i.e. including a stuffer region, between two BsmBI sites). Please note the following:

  • This plasmid is only intended for research use, commercial or therapeutic use is prohibited
  • We cannot provide any warranties and won’t accept any liabilities for damage resulting from use of the plasmid
  • Please do not transfer this plasmid outside your lab – if a collaborator would like to request the plasmid please direct them to Horizon
  • We would be grateful if you could acknowledge us in any resulting publications citing our work

Is the Plasmid Free?

Yes, the plasmid is free of charge based on the terms of use above.

However a purchase order reference is required since we require a payment of $60 for packaging and shipping. We will contact you to arrange payment once we've received your request form.

And Finally...

Good luck with your research!

HDS043_pLentiCRISPR-KO Map.png