The Role of Reference Material in Precision Medicine

The concept of precision medicine relies heavily on access to information on an individual’s unique genetic characteristics to tailor therapy. Simply put, precision medicine ensures that the right therapy reaches the right patient at the right time of which the accuracy of diagnostics in your lab plays a fundamental role in achieving this goal.

Within this webinar, we explore and discuss different regulatory issues that may affect your lab and look at how reference materials are helping over 1,000 labs put the ‘precision’ into ‘precision medicine’, including:

  • A laboratory’s perspective on precision medicine 
  • The implications and cost of false-negatives 
  • The applications of reference materials in LDTs 
  • CLIA requirements of method validation 

The Role of Reference Material in Precision Medicine


Joe Whittaker - Diagnostics Specialist Horizon Discovery

Hannah Murfet - Product Quality Manager Horizon Discovery