Next-Generation Sequencing in Cancer: From Research to Clinical Practice

In this webinar (supported by the Molecular Oncology Society of India), we discuss the emergence of various NGS panels in cancer diagnosis, the various challenges to their adoption and utility as well as the emerging area of non invasive testing in patient management.

Next-Generation Sequencing in Cancer: From Research to Clinical Practice

Cancer is a consequence of somatic mosaicism with cells accumulating mutations in various key genes, leading to unchecked cell division, invasion and growth. With an ever expanding domain of research on molecular characterization of cancer, detailed genetic profiling of tumor is an important technological need for better understanding of the disease. 

An emerging body of research has also revealed that cancers coalesce into ‘common subtypes’ based on their molecular markers, in addition to the classical sub-typing by tissue of origin. Most molecular tests in the clinic relied on single gene technologies like Sanger, qPCR or ddPCR assays, where combined DNA requirement and time of testing several different loci is high and cumbersome. Using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), a large quantum of molecular data can be captured in a single assay and has been well established in research settings in the last decade. 

However, adoption of this technology in routine clinical testing of cancer samples is only recent and there are many technical challenges. From the analytical quality of the biopsy specimen itself, to the informatics challenges of data storage and analysis of big-data, there are many hurdles that need to be addressed before NGS gains popularity for routine testing in cancer. However, as the number of therapy options increase in the market, as well as resistance and sensitive markers for these drugs emerge from research, it is imperative that large multiplexed assays will dominate the future of cancer diagnostics. 


Louisa Ludbrook PhD - Associate Director of Sales, Horizon Discovery

Vaijayanti Gupta PhD - Director Life Science, Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd