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CHO K1 (GS Null) Licensing

The CHO SOURCE platform provides a kit to enable rapid identification of clones expressing high levels of recombinant therapeutic protein during your stable cell line development process. This Glutamine Synthetase null CHO K1 expression system generates high titre biomanufacturing cell lines without the need of MSX or Methotrexate additives as part of the metabolic selection. By using the GS selection system there is no requirement for amplification commonly used in alternative systems such as DHFR selection.

The CHO SOURCE platform consists of:

  • 1 vial of 10x106 cGMP GS null CHO K1 cells;
  • The CHOGUN expression vector from ProteoNic;
  • A stable pool of trastuzumab expressing cells with a titre of 2g/L. This allows testing of clonal stability as well as to control for site to site process variability;
  • A trastuzumab expression vector that should generate stable pools with titres of at least 2g/L

All payments described below comprise the full cost of a commercial multi-product license to use the cells in biomanufacturing. Upon purchase of a commercial license we will provide a data pack that includes full traceability documents of the cell line from acquisition from ECACC through to final cGMP banking together with a Certificate of Analysis and adventitious agent testing performed in line with ICH Q5.

  •  We will not charge royalties, milestones or per-product payments.

 Alternative Licensing Options


The simplest way to license the cells, the express licensing option provides an immediate commercial license for perpetuity, data pack and technical support for a fee starting at £175,000*. With no evaluation required, this option will supply you with the CHO SOURCE platform for immediate commercial use.

*Prices may vary according to region


A six month evaluation of the CHO SOURCE platform is permitted for an initial fee of £10,000 (creditable against the final license fee).

Following evaluation, the commercial license, data pack and technical support package will be available in perpetuity for a fee starting at £250,000*.

*Prices may vary according to region


After a six month evaluation as described above for the CHO SOURCE Standard, the Premium option will provide you with a priority subscription allowing early access to the improved cell lines being developed at Horizon as part of our ongoing R&D efforts. This option is available for an annual fee* and includes full support for the duration of the license. There is a minimum license term of three years. 

*Prices may vary according to region