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CHO K1 (GS Null) Licensing 

We will not charge royalties or milestones

Our innovative and flexible licensing structure ensures that access to this high performance cell line platform is not cost prohibitive and is accessible to companies of all sizes. In order to achieve this, we can provide different structures that best meet your short and long term aspirations, including an option to evaluate the platform if requested. 

CHO SOURCE platform

The CHO SOURCE platform consists of:

  • 1 vial of 10x106 cGMP GS null CHO K1 cells;
  • A Glutamine Synthetase selection vector;
  • Redacted traceability documentation governing the derivation of the cells and adventitious agents testing results

The CHO SOURCE platform provides a kit to enable rapid identification of clones expressing high levels of recombinant therapeutic protein during your stable cell line development process.

This Glutamine Synthetase null CHO K1 expression system generates high titre biomanufacturing cell lines without the need of MSX or Methotrexate additives after selection. By using the GS selection system there is no requirement for lengthy amplification steps commonly used in alternative systems such as DHFR selection.

To discuss your cell line needs and to find out how we can meet them, please contact us.

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