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If you'd like more information on our Bioproduction cell lines or engineering services then complete our enquiry form and one of our experienced team will contact you to discuss your requirements and identify the most appropriate solution for your needs.

GS Null CHO K1 Cell Lines

We provide cutting edge bioproduction cell lines utilising the current industry standard selection system. Complete our enquiry form for further information on evaluating these cells, or to hear more about our ambitious R&D program that will generate significantly improved cells for biotherapeutic manufacture. 

Engineering your in-house line

We provide engineering services to enable you to customise your bioproduction cell, delivering a fully engineered and characterized cell line using technology that allows you the freedom to use these cells in biomanufacturing.

Flexible Cost Options

Our philosophy is that access to cutting edge bioproduction cell lines should not be cost prohibitive and should be independent of other manufacturing considerations. As such, we are open to discussing different licensing models that fit your needs.

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